All wood always. No MDF nasties here.

All Wood, Always

We pride ourselves on only using high quality 100% FSC approved hardwood for our bespoke plantation window shutters, but why?

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is essentially wood fibres, it contains a mixture of wood solids, wax, and resin bonded together under high temperatures and high pressure to create a uniform wood-like product that is far cheaper than real wood.  In layman terms, MDF is sawdust held together with glue; sort of a higher quality (that’s an oxymoron, in our opinion) material that serves as the base for the cheap piece furniture.

If that weren’t bad enough, a lot of MDF is manufactured using formaldehyde, a known human carcinogen.  Cutting, sanding, or releasing particles of MDF into the air might be a high risk and should be avoided.  If the shutters aren’t properly sealed, the MDF materials can leak formaldehyde for years, pumping it into your home.

In the piano industry, Steinway and Bosendorfer both produce pianos only using hardwood, nothing from MDF.  Why should we take less pride in our work?

Thanks to its DNA, MDF is a cheap material, often used to create cheap furniture for a certain Swedish chain. Whilst this may look good for a while, we’ve all experienced the same furniture not standing the test of time and being prone to damage even over a short space of time. We believe your new shutters should last a lifetime if treated well, and MDF just won’t last that long.

Thanks to new advances in our manufacturing techniques, we can now create genuine hardwood shutters for the same price as you might find MDF shutters. Now there’s no need to compromise.

That’s why we use all wood, always.


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